Iberbac SAL (Valdemoro - Madrid)

Iberbac SAL (Valdemoro - Madrid)/

Iberbac SAL (Valdemoro - Madrid)

Installation of photovoltaic self-consumption of 48,950 Wp for a company in the materials distribution sector

  • Nº of panels: 110
  • Total Power: 48,950 Wp
  • CO2 Savings: 16,34 Tn
  • Tree Equivalent: 32
  • Percentage of Comsumption: 55%
  • Years of Amortization: 6 years

Installation of photovoltaic self-consumption on roof of 110 solar panels of 445 Wp for a total power of 48,950 Wp. This solar plant will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 16.34 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 32 trees per year.

Iberbac has a consumption of 89,232 kilowatt hours per year. Now after the installation of the solar panel field, 55% of this energy will be self-produced, which will allow significant savings.

The investment will be amortized over a period of approximately 6 years.

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