Private house in Villa Real (Castellón)

Private house in Villa Real (Castellón)/

Private house in Villa Real (Castellón)

Photovoltaic self-consumption installation of 5.74 kWp for private homes

  • Number of panels: 14
  • Total power: 5,740 Wp
  • Savings in CO2 Emissions:  2.09 Tn
  • Equivalent in trees: 4
  • Percentage of consumption: 77,39%

Installation of photovoltaic self-consumption on roof with 14 solar panels of 410 Wp for a total power of 5.74 kWp. This solar plant will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 2.09 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 4 trees per year.

This customer has a consumption of 10,348 kilowatt hours per year. Now, after the installation of the self-consumption plant, 77.39% of this energy will be self-produced, which will allow significant savings.

All this with the addition that the investment will be amortized over a period of approximately 4 years.

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